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In the United States announced the possible termination of the operation of nuclear reactors because of Russia


Чер 14, 2022

Stopping the supply of enriched uranium to American energy companies could affect the operation of reactors in the United States. Matt Bowen and Paul Dabbar, researchers at the Center for Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, warned about this in an article by The Hill.

Scientists noted that the development of events according to the scenario they described could lead to a shutdown of the reactors. “Given that nuclear power accounts for more than 20 percent of generating capacity in some parts of the country, electricity prices will jump even above today’s inflation,” they added.

The article emphasizes that many European and American reactors were produced by Russia, which continues to supply countries with components. Experts fear that the conflict between the West and the Russian Federation will provoke the closure of a number of power plants, which may lead to a shortage of capacities in the regions to cover consumer demand.

In the face of such developments, scientists consider it necessary to reopen the conversion plant in the United States. The authors of the article point out that uranium needs to be enriched, therefore, private companies will have to develop strategies for expanding production and technologies to replace Russian supplies.

Earlier it was reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden has found a way to reduce the country’s dependence on Russian uranium and is trying to push through the initiative in Congress. According to the source, the US Department of Energy has developed a plan to purchase enriched uranium directly from US producers in the amount of $4.3 billion instead of Russian imports.