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Apple Watch will be able to measure the temperature


Лип 5, 2022

Launched this fall, the Apple Watch will have a built-in thermometer. It is reported by Bloomberg.

According to insider Mark Gurman, scheduled for release in the third quarter of the year, Apple Watch 8 will be able to measure the temperature of the user. A special sensor will be responsible for this function. As Gurman noted, having fixed an abnormally high temperature, the gadget, with the help of a notification, will advise the user to measure the indicator with a medical thermometer or consult a doctor.

The specialist believes that the American company will release two watches with support for this option – the flagship model and the protected Apple Watch, aimed at professional athletes. At the same time, the budget Apple Watch SE, which may also be announced in the fall, will not receive temperature measurement functions.

The journalists of The Verge noticed that for the first time Mark Gurman pointed to the temperature measurement function in Apple watches in June 2021. In January 2022, the specialist noted that the company would not have time to prepare this device, but in April he said that the temperature measurement sensor could be expected “already in the next generation.”

Last October, sources told The Wall Street Journal that Apple had begun work on AirPods with a thermometer. It is expected that in addition to a thermometer, a posture corrector can be added to wireless headphones.