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Brazilian drug lord who died from COVID-19 was detained a year and a half later


Чер 25, 2022

Brazilian drug lord Sergio Roberto de Carvalho, who allegedly died of COVID-19 in August 2020, was detained in Hungary a year and a half later. It is reported by Vice.

A major international drug trafficker, known by the nickname Major Carvalho, until recently lived in a luxurious villa under the guise of Mexican citizen Guillermo Flores Diaz. He was detained as a result of a joint special operation of the Hungarian and Portuguese police.

In August 2020, Carvalho was arrested in Spain. He was identified despite a fake passport in the name of Paul Wouter. A large consignment of cocaine was seized from the man. The offender was released from prison on bail, and later it was reported that he died from COVID-19. The death certificate of the drug dealer, dated August 29, 2020, was provided to the authorities by the gangster’s lawyer. The document stated that the bandit’s body was cremated.

After the imaginary death of Carvalho, he began to use a pre-prepared third person and lived under the guise of a Mexican. The Spanish authorities did not believe in the death of the criminal, and in November 2020 they were able to trace his movements to Lisbon. There, the police found a van with 14 million dollars in cash (about 760 million rubles at the current exchange rate), which, apparently, was the proceeds from another illegal operation. In Lisbon, the trail of the drug dealer was broken.