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BTS announces career hiatus


Чер 15, 2022

Members of the popular K-pop group BTS have announced their career hiatus. According to them, it is necessary to focus on solo work, according to Billboard.

“We are taking a break now. We need to discuss the direction in which we are moving, ”said one of the members of the boy band Suga.

As another soloist, RM, noted, the band needs to acknowledge that he has changed. The artist said that he used to think the message of the songs he wrote was important, but now he doesn’t know what story BTS wants to tell. He also stated that K-pop music did not allow him to grow up, so now he does not know who he is and what he wants from the group.

“Therefore, I need to think and be alone, and then these thoughts can mature into something extremely personal,” says RM.

BTS was founded in 2013 and has received numerous awards over the years. Last year, BTS won the main nomination of a major American music award at the American Music Awards. The musicians were recognized as the best artists of the year. The team also received awards in the categories “Best Duo or Group” and “Best Pop Composition”. The victory in the last nomination of BTS was brought by the single Butter.