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Dragon launch to ISS delayed for a month due to malfunctions


Чер 14, 2022

The launch of the American cargo spacecraft Dragon to the International Space Station (ISS) was postponed for at least a month due to malfunctions in the propulsion system. This is reported by Interfax, referring to NASA.

Initially, the launch was scheduled for June 10. Now the start will take place no earlier than July 11. Within a month, NASA and SpaceX plan to replace faulty parts in the spacecraft’s propulsion system.

In June, NASA announced that the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with the Dragon cargo spacecraft to the ISS, scheduled for June 10, was postponed due to problems with its engine. The launch was postponed after the discovery of an increased concentration of monomethylhydrazine vapors during fuel loading in an isolated area of ​​​​the spacecraft propulsion system until the causes of the leak were clarified and eliminated.

Currently, spacecraft such as Progress MS, Cygnus, Dragon and H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) send cargo to the ISS.