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In Poland, called the goal at the upcoming NATO summit


Чер 25, 2022

Strengthening the eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance and stationing a brigade combat group in the country is Poland’s goal at the upcoming NATO summit, Mariusz Blaszczak, head of the republic’s national defense, told the Polskа The Times..

Blaszczak noted that at the Warsaw summit it was decided to create battalion combat groups with the participation of allied forces in Poland and the region. “We are looking forward to a decision in Madrid to further build their capabilities as part of strengthening the deterrence and defense of NATO’s eastern flank,” he said.
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Столтенберг запевнив у історичній значущості саміту у Мадриді

According to the head of the Ministry of Defense, Poland is in favor of deploying additional troops and increasing the readiness of allied forces in the event of a threat. In addition, the Madrid summit will further strengthen the global coordination of assistance to Ukraine, Blaschak said.

The NATO summit will be held in Madrid on June 28-30.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the member states of the alliance at the summit in Madrid will agree on a full package of assistance to Ukraine. In addition, it is planned to coordinate the largest transformation of collective defense with the increase in troops.