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In Russia began selling Apple equipment from parallel imports


Лип 5, 2022

In Russian stores, MacBook laptops imported by parallel imports began to be sold, Izvestia writes.

In the stores of the official Apple retailer – Re:Store, devices have been delivered since June of this year. Now Apple equipment is available in M.Video-Eldorado networks, on Wildberries and other online stores. At the same time, prices for equipment practically do not differ from February. In addition, the scope of guarantees is similar, but in the first case they are given by the manufacturer, and in the second by the seller.

As Valeria Andreeva, a representative of M.Video-Eldorado, said, the network uses any channels and mechanics to expand the range. “The models presented in our networks are officially produced and intended, among other things, for the Russian market, that is, they have a Russian keyboard, suitable power adapters, and so on,” she explained.

The publication writes that prices for Apple products will change smoothly based on the dollar and, if nothing interferes with logistics from overseas, a sharp rise in MacBook prices compared to prices at the beginning of July should not be expected.