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In Russia, there was a shortage of spare parts for Samsung and Huawei


Лип 5, 2022

In Russia, there is a shortage of spare parts for Samsung and Huawei smartphones. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to authorized service centers (ASC) of these companies.

The main problem is the lack of batteries and screens. To date, for Huawei there are no displays or batteries available, and in the case of Samsung, some ASCs have batteries, but no screens, while others have exactly the opposite. The waiting period for details is a week, and it is not final.

According to Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov, rare smartphone manufacturers currently have a full range of components. He recalled that Samsung and Huawei are no longer officially shipped to Russia.

“Users need to get used to the fact that some parts may not be available, because of which the repair time and price may increase,” he said. The expert believes that the situation with components for smartphones will not improve before autumn.

Earlier, Apple authorized service centers warned that in Russia there are not enough spare parts for the iPhone needed to repair gadgets. As told in the ASC, first of all, there is a shortage of screens and batteries.