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In the United States compared the fifth generation fighter


Чер 14, 2022

The development of fifth-generation fighters began in the 1970s, but now only three types of aircraft are mass-produced. The Military Watch publication compared the Russian Su-57 fighter with the American F-35 Lightning II and the Chinese J-20.

It is noted that the Su-57, F-35 and J-20 belong to the same generation, but the aircraft are different from each other. Fifth-generation fighters will be produced for at least another ten years, so comparing aircraft will allow us to analyze the balance of power in the air.

The Chinese J-20 received effective air-to-air weapons, while the upgraded J-20A features new engines and reduced visibility. The J-20 glider, unlike the F-35, is less adapted to hitting ground targets.

The F-35 Lightning II remains the lightest fifth-generation fighter and carries fewer weapons than the J-20 and Su-57. Also, the F-35 is characterized by the worst maneuverability, which is compensated by stealth and electronic warfare.

The advantages of the Su-57 include long-range air-to-air missiles and sensors spaced over the entire surface of the aircraft. The publication claims that the Su-57 remains the most maneuverable fifth-generation fighter.