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Israeli F-35s will be able to reach Iran without refueling


Чер 14, 2022

Israel has increased the range of its fifth-generation F-35I Adir fighters, as a result of which they will be able to reach Iran without refueling, writes The Drive, citing an Israeli press publication.

How it was possible to increase the range of the aircraft so radically is not indicated. The American edition admits that this could have happened by increasing the volume of external fuel tanks or by using conformal fuel tanks. In the first case, the radar visibility of the aircraft is increased, but this problem can be solved by dropping the fuel tanks before entering Iranian airspace. In the second case, additional tanks fit snugly against the airframe, which practically does not affect the stealth characteristics of the fighter.

The publication recalls that the base range of the F-35I Adir without refueling is just over 650 nautical miles (1200 kilometers).

The F-35I Adir also received a new one-ton bomb developed by Rafael. It is noted that it is located in the internal compartment of the aircraft and is protected from electronic countermeasures.

The publication writes that the improvements to the F-35I Adir are designed to potentially destroy elements of the Iranian layered air defense (air defense).

In March, Defense News reported that a pair of Adir F-35Is shot down for the first time two Iranian Shahad 197 drones used to ferry ammunition into the Gaza Strip.