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Italy called the amount of frozen property of Russians


Чер 23, 2022

Since the beginning of the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, Italy has frozen the property of Russians for a total of 1.7 billion euros, this amount was named by the country’s Ministry of Finance.

“The Financial Guard has begun targeted economic and property checks against individuals and legal entities listed in the EU sanctions lists,” the department noted. Such inspections affected more than 1.1 thousand “subjects that contributed to the violation or threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.”

The restrictions affected 14 entities, including buildings, vehicles, ships, land and company shares, the Italian Finance Ministry said. Earlier it was reported that the country this year will spend almost 13.7 million euros to maintain the frozen property of the Russians.

As of early April, European Union countries have frozen Russian assets worth 35 billion euros (nearly $40 billion). In first place was France with 23.5 billion euros.