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Revealed the connection between the color of the girl’s lipstick and her personality


Чер 24, 2022

Doctor of Medical Sciences Monika Wassermann and psychologist-sexologist Ieva Kubilyute from the UK have revealed the connection between the color of a girl’s lipstick and her personality. The relevant material leads edition of The Sun.

According to experts, lovers of orange cosmetics are optimistic and have a passion for travel. At the same time, the specified shade may indicate immaturity and frivolity, they noted. In turn, the crimson color speaks of a passionate, bold and confident nature. Crimson, a warmer shade of red, symbolizes determination and success, and exudes an air of sensuality.

In addition, hot pink is chosen by cheerful and energetic girls, and pastel pink is a sign of a kind and compassionate character. At the same time, according to Wassermann and Kubilute, practical and balanced personalities prefer nude shades, brick red indicates high vitality and self-confidence, and burgundy indicates ambitiousness.

In addition, brown shades indicate reliability and restraint, which at the same time can be accompanied by a lack of a sense of humor. In turn, black, according to experts, symbolizes strength, elegance and mystery, purple – individualism, and blue is often chosen by bold and creative individuals, who at the same time may turn out to be unfriendly and unemotional.