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South Korea has developed a robot to explore tunnels


Чер 25, 2022

South Korea’s Defense Development Agency has announced the completion of a prototype tunnel exploration robot. The ATE autonomous vehicle was developed jointly with the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, Defense News reports.

The agency produced a prototype robot in collaboration with Hanwha Defense. It is noted that the machine can autonomously explore underground tunnels without topographic information. The robot is able to register dangerous situations and create a three-dimensional map of the area.

He can also get software based on artificial intelligence, which will automatically perform reconnaissance tasks. Thanks to ATE technology, the robot will be able to perform tasks underground where there is no GPS signal.

One operator can control multiple robots using a smartphone or tablet. During the tests, the robot prototype was able to explore a cave 1.5 kilometers long. The machine recognized dangerous objects and contaminated areas, and also made a map.

“Once deployed in the field, the ATE robot will carry out missions to ensure the safety of combatants during underground operations and urban warfare, and to some extent increase operational efficiency,” an agency spokesman said.