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Stylists have listed the most fashionable denim skirts


Чер 24, 2022

The editors of Vogue have listed the most fashionable models of denim skirts in 2022. The corresponding list appeared on the website of the Italian version of the publication.

First of all, the journalists advised to pay attention to the aforementioned fringed wardrobe item, in which supermodels Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid repeatedly appeared in public. In addition, according to experts, things with various embroideries, as well as with many rhinestones or crystals, have become trendy.

In addition, the stylists included in the selection such items with buttons in the front, which were especially popular in the 1960s, and models in the style of cargo trousers, decorated with wide pockets. According to the material, pleated skirts and dark jeans have become relevant this season.

Earlier, the Russian stylist called revealing outfits the main trend of the summer. According to Anna Rykova, the most fashionable wardrobe item was a miniskirt. Short dresses, tight-fitting clothes with deep cutouts and bright colors have also become trendy.