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The blogger showed styles of dresses that mask the belly


Чер 24, 2022

Blogger Samantha Pamela showed an easy way to hide her belly with clothes. The corresponding publication appeared in her TikTok account.

In the video, titled “Lovely dresses for girls with bellies,” the woman showed off a denim shirt dress with a George Asda belt, and then a wraparound product with long bell sleeves Boohoo. The third option was a fitted model with a full skirt with a floral print and a deep neckline of the same brand.

The frames show that things successfully mask the waist of the user. According to her, the mentioned styles are ideal for girls of medium proportions. It is known that the blogger herself wears a size L.

Netizens thanked Pamela for the recommendation. “I was so worried about what to wear in the summer. Thank you for showing us this”, “Just bought such a denim dress”, “Great! Thanks for the inspiration,” they said.

In May, Maxim Metyushenko, figure shaping expert and co-founder of Waistline, a brand of shapewear for women, named a quick way to hide a protruding lower abdomen. The expert believes that the mentioned zone can be easily masked with the help of special corrective bodysuits, shorts or underpants. Such underwear will smooth out irregularities in the waist, sides, hips and back, the source of the publication specifies.