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The connection between a person’s shoes and his personality is revealed


Чер 24, 2022

Professional stylist Emma Lightbown from London revealed the connection between a person’s shoes and his character. Expert commentary leads The Sun.

According to the specialist, the sneakers of the American brand Converse are chosen by versatile personalities who are easily adaptable and used to working in multitasking conditions. For lovers of the brand Dr. Martens, in turn, have rebellious traits, she noted. At the same time, fashionable or sports people prefer basic white sneakers of different brands and styles, and those who want to emphasize their status prefer loafers.

In addition, women who use stilettos as casual shoes, Lightbown called imperious and self-confident. At the same time, wedges are popular with friendly girls, and flip flops are chosen by individuals who are not bothered by following trends. “They don’t care too much about fashion. It is quite enough for them to put on flip-flops in the morning, ”said the stylist.