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The European Commission will analyze the media in Slovakia


Чер 25, 2022

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Communications expects to sign a contract with a contractor to monitor the media and social networks in Slovakia. RT writes about it.

As follows from the document, the executor will be engaged in comprehensive media monitoring, will analyze “inaccurate information”, as well as in real time to compile an overview of news in Slovakia in English.

According to political scientist Yuri Svetov, in this way the EC seeks to “block everything that can convey a different point of view” to citizens. The expert reminded that in Slovakia the former chairman of the Supreme Court of the country and former head of the Ministry of Justice Stefan Garabin was arrested for his opinion on Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Earlier in June, it was reported that Slovakia delayed the transfer of T-72 tanks to Ukraine due to the position of Germany, which refused to agree to send more modern tanks to Bratislava instead of those given to Kiev.