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The IOC responded to an open letter to Lasickene Bach


Чер 15, 2022

The press service of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) responded to an open letter from Olympic high jump champion Maria Lasitskene to the head of the organization, Thomas Bach. The answer was published by Match TV.

The committee hinted that the functionary does not plan to respond to the appeal. “The position was clarified by the president in his speech at the IOC session, as well as in many meetings with stakeholders of the Olympic movement, and first of all with athletes,” the statement said.

On June 9, Lasickene posted an appeal to Bach on social networks. The Russian woman said that the head of the IOC would not have the courage and dignity to cancel the suspension of domestic athletes from international competitions.

At the end of February, various sports organizations followed the recommendations of the IOC and imposed sanctions on Russian athletes. In most cases, athletes were suspended from international competitions.