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The Rolling Stones cancel concert due to Mick Jagger’s coronavirus


Чер 15, 2022

Members of the British band The Rolling Stones canceled a concert in Amsterdam due to the coronavirus frontman Mick Jagger. The musician himself announced this on Instagram.

It is noted that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 just a few hours before the performance.

“I am very sorry that we had to postpone tonight’s show in Amsterdam so quickly. Unfortunately, I just got a positive result for covid. We will try to change the concert date and return as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience and understanding,” Jagger wrote. The musician did not say anything about his health and further treatment.

Last year, Jagger satirized anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists in his song Eazy Sleazy, recorded with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. The musician noted that the idea of ​​the composition came to him against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. The text mentions people who believe in aliens and flat earth, as well as those who are convinced that with the help of a vaccine, Microsoft founder Bill Gates controls people.