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The US and four other countries have formed a new alliance


Чер 25, 2022

The USA and four other countries – Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Great Britain – have created a new organization for cooperation in the Pacific Ocean – Partners in the Blue Pacific (PBP, Partners in the Pacific region). This was reported on the website of the White House.

States have “launched a comprehensive informal mechanism to better and more effectively support Pacific priorities,” the statement said. The Alliance has set itself three key objectives: to do more to support the region’s priorities, to strengthen Pacific regionalism and to build communication between the governments of the region and the authorities of partner countries, and to expand opportunities for cooperation between the Pacific region and the world.

In 2021, Australia, the UK and the US entered into a trilateral defense and security partnership agreement. The agreement was called AUKUS (an abbreviation for the names of the three participating countries). The Union envisages the creation of nuclear submarines for the Australian Navy in 18 months.