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Trichologist reveals a way to increase hair volume


Чер 24, 2022

Trichologist Yulia Galliamova has revealed a way to increase the natural volume of hair. She shared her recommendations with the Starhit portal.

According to the specialist, modern women often face a deterioration in the quality of curls due to poor ecology, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Before starting hair restoration, she recommends determining their condition. So, dehydrated strands are dull, and dry strands have severely damaged ends, the expert clarified.

The interlocutor of the publication advises owners of dry hair to pay attention to products with amino acids and ceramides. In addition, for dehydrated people, care with hyaluronic acid should be chosen, Galliamova emphasizes. It is noted that the mentioned component is able to retain moisture a thousand times more than its own weight.

“The hyaluron molecule envelops the hair cuticle, moisturizes and, as a result, thickens it. That is why the amount of styling, hair density directly depends on how healthy they are, ”concludes the doctor.

In June, the fashion editors of the Bustle portal, together with trichologists, revealed a natural remedy for hair beauty. Over the past two years, aloe gel has become a popular ingredient thanks to viral TikTok videos and recommendations from celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, experts say. “Aloe keeps the strands hydrated and bouncy. It also soothes the scalp,” said Kristin Williams, senior director of research and development at Anomaly hair cosmetics brand founded by actress Priyanka Chopra.