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World’s deepest sunken ship found


Чер 25, 2022

The world’s deepest shipwreck has been discovered in the Philippine Sea. The American businessman and researcher Victor Veskovo spoke about the discovery on his Twitter account.

“Together with echolocation specialist Jeremy Morizet, I directed the Limiting Factor submersible to the wreck of the Samuel B. Roberts (DE 413). They are at a depth of 6895 meters – this is the deepest shipwreck ever discovered and explored. The little destroyer fought like a battleship,” Veskovo said.

The researcher also shared other photos and videos, describing the location of the wreckage of the found ship: the mast, bow, stern and stern tower.

The US Navy destroyer Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413), also known as Sammy B, sank during the Battle of Leith Gulf in the Philippine Sea in October 1944 after coming under fire from the Japanese army. The operation to search for the vessel was organized by Texas billionaire Victor Veskovo, who owns a deep-sea submersible.

Earlier in June, scientists at the University of Southern Mississippi found that the wood type of shipwrecks is the most important trait that determines the species composition of bacteria, and there is also a variety of microbial biofilms in such places.